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shop local

If you like to shop local and support the community then why not head down to Reddish Vale High School. As part of their education, learning the importance of where food comes from and making healthy food choices. Students grow produce in the schools two polytunnels, a variety of raised beds and a greenhouse. The best part is they offer what they grow to the local community. The crops are harvested and transported to your home within the same day, this means the shelf life is longer than supermarket bought produce that has to travel many miles and to different locations before arriving at your home.

Currently on offer are mixed salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes and spring onions to name but a few. Also on offer are free range eggs (both chicken and quail), rabbit food, shavings, hay, straw, wild bird seed, dog and cat treats.

So if you’re fed up of supermarket bought produce and would like to support your local community, then head down to the school entrance any Wednesday between 3.10pm – 4pm. If these times aren’t convenient you can contact the farm directly to arrange a suitable time farm@reddish.stockport.sch.uk

Hassan Mahmood

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