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family fun day

Reddish family fun day welcomes everyone to Broadstone Mill on Saturday 15th April.
The day is going to have something for everyone and is set to be a spectacular event. There’ll be a bustling atmosphere with stalls from local businesses, a live performance from Mystic Rose band, Jason Baird’s Black Belt Academy will be showcasing students martial arts skills along with Signature Dance Academy, there will also be a fun fair and petting zoo. That’s not all, Elfmill Carriages will be offering rides around the mill, through Reddish and back to the fun day!
This isn’t an event to be missed and I’ll certainly be attending so I hope to see some of your faces there.

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what is the property tenure composition in sk5?

One of the real tests to see if an area is suited to your tastes is to look at the composition of the household tenure types. In Reddish, the mix of different household tenure types is as follows:

Owned outright 23.2%
Owned with a mortgage 33.8%
Shared ownership 1.1%
Social rented 28.8%
Private rented 13.1%

(Dated April 2017)

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household size mix in sk5

From individuals to large families, the spread of household size can indicate the likely availability of appropriately sized properties. The most common size of household in Reddish is one occupant, and makes up 35.9% of the total households in the area.

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promising sales levels

Increasing clarity in the UK’s economic future has increased confidence in the property market. A look at sales levels in Reddish over the last 15 months seems to indicate this too. Since December 2015 sales levels for flats are up 167 points and houses are up 60 points since October 2016.

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total housing market value in sk5

The total housing market value is a combination of the number of transactions and the average property price in a given quarter. It can give a real idea of the buoyancy of the market in Reddish. The first quarter of 2016 was the largest quarter (32.6%), closely followed by the final quarter of 2015 (25.5%).

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how best to increase the value of your home

When it comes to selling your home, the goal is to achieve more than the initial price you paid when you bought it. A significant amount of your home’s resale value will be affected by the appreciation of house prices in SK5, where average sales values have risen by 9.4% over the last 10 years. However, if you want to achieve the maximum sale price for your property, there are several home improvements you can make that will add to the overall value.

Creating an extra bedroom, especially with a loft conversion, offers the best return for your money. Although initial costs are not inconsiderable, a double bedroom could add 11 per cent to the value of your home, a gain of £13,600 on average SK5 properties. Budget carefully according to your house size and current market value, and you could be onto a winner.

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local war hero set to be commemorated 

A local First World War hero who was awarded the most prestigious honour for bravery is set to be honoured with a blue plaque, a century after his act of gallantry.

Joseph Lister was awarded the Victoria Cross after risking his life to save his comrades as they came under fire at Passchendaele Ridge in Belgium, in October 1917. Joseph enlisted in the Lancashire Fusiliers and was posted to the 1st Battalion. In October 1917, the Battalion was in Belgium preparing to take part in the Third Battle of Ypres, what would become known as Passchendaele.

Just 30 years old at the time, Joseph secured the surrender of 100 soldiers, saving the lives of his fellow Fusilliers.

Now he is set to be remembered with a blue plaque at his former home on David Street, Reddish. A commemorative paving stone will also be installed nearby.

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property transactions levels holding steady

The Brexit vote and the falling value of the pound have led some to think sales levels might have dipped in the market. However, as the chart shows, sales levels have remained steady throughout the year, contrary to the perceived negativity in the market. We expect steady sales levels in the coming 12 months.

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local wealth distribution

Whether an area is ‘up-and coming’ or has arrived, the wealth distribution can indicate if the area has the character you are after. In Reddish, the majority of households are ‘getting started’ (34.5%). The corresponding figure in the region is 28.5%, whereas the national average is 24.9%.

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price growth for properties

Due to the government’s budget moving to the autumn, we are unlikely to see market activity affected by new policy changes in the short term. With market confidence strong and a positive outlook for the construction industry, we expect steady price growth. In fact, average sold prices of flats is up 73.7% in 18 months.

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