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Reddish Cheerleading Team

Did you know Reddish has a ground cheerleading team? With a crew of 30, aged between 5 and 17, and training on a Monday at Abingdon Primary School, this looks like great fun.

Coached by Hayley Ratcliffe who has been cheerleading since the age of 7. She started with Rising Stars in 2003 and stayed part of their team until she was 16. She began competing with them right away at UKCA competitions in Manchester, performing at the Etihad Stadium and at BCA in Blackpool. In later years, Hayley was put into their Junior dance team where she competed at ICC in Blackpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and Liverpool.

A great way to keep your little one fit whilst having fun!

For more information please click here.

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Local property prices vs region & country

It is hard to gauge actual property price movements without having something to compare them against. The chart shows the price differences in our area compared to the wider region and the rest of England and Wales for the last eight years.

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Monthly sales rate by main house type

This chart takes a look at how sales levels have evolved over the last eight months in the local area. It should be noted that we’re looking at a relatively tight area over short periods of time, which is why there is a lot of volatility in the figures. The patterns however, are very revealing and show how seasonality affects the dynamics of the market.

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2 Bed Terraced on Bowden Street in Denton with a yield of over 7.6%

If you have seen my most recent video blog you will know that I feel Denton is the next prime buy to let area and this is a prime example. Prices are continuing to increase in the area and its becoming increasingly more difficult to find good buy to lets for around 100k or less especially in Reddish but there are still some good deals to be had in Denton.

This property on Bowden Street is on the market at £90,000. It has 2 bedrooms and looks as though it could be rented out straight away. The rental value would be around £575 per calendar month giving a rental yield of over 7.6% .  The property is on the market with space 4 living and can be viewed by clicking on the below link.

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What does the future hold for house prices in Reddish?

There have probably never been more factors at play in the UK property market than there are right now. The national market is pausing for breath as it reaches the end of the cycle which started with the credit crunch. 2016 saw stamp duty changes as well as the Brexit vote, and the impact is very much still being felt. The result of the election has added to the uncertainty surrounding the economy.

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why denton is a good area for buy to let

A short video for any investors looking for a buy to let in the Reddish or Denton area.

As explained in the video I believe Denton is an area to watch. House prices on average are 15-20% lower than Reddish but rental values are similar meaning yields get a boost.

I have included some links (below) to show what you can get for your money. All of these houses would rent for £550-£600

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Household sizes in our area

By having a look at the average number of people per property, we can actually tell quite a lot about the area. Most areas of the country have between two and four people living in the average home. This is obviously a function of whether the area is popular with families or singletons. But it also shows population density with inner city areas having higher numbers of people per property.

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2 bed end terrace in reddish with a yield of up to 7.5%

This house would make a fantastic first time investment for anyone considering getting in to the property market and would also be a good addition to any seasoned landlord’s portfolio. The property looks in relatively good condition and by the look of the photographs will only require minimal work to be “lettable”.

These sort of houses are the bread and butter in Reddish and always rent well. We have recently let a 3 bed  on this street for £695 per calendar month, so you should easily be able to achieve £600 – £625 for this property and based on a purchase price of £100,000 this would give you a yield of up to 7.5%.

The property is up for sale with Edward Mellor, click on the below link for more information.

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Average prices of houses & flats by year

This column chart shows the relative average sold prices of flats and houses selling in the last eight years in our area. It doesn’t account for different sizes of houses or flats but because we’re looking at annual figures any fluctuations should smooth themselves out.

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